Emily Scott-Graham

Artistic Discipline: Still-Life Painting & Photography

Emily has been a resident of Hinesville for three years. She lives with her soldier husband, Andrew, and their two children, Elias and Zoe. Emily's primary focus is painting and photography and she has an Associate of Arts in Commercial Art from Central Texas College. She is also working toward a degree in Art Education at Armstrong State University. Emily enjoys working with children and currently teaches youth art classes at the Hinesville Area Arts Council.

"Even though I had a lot of great teachers growing up, it was my high school art teacher, Mrs. Lisherelli, that recognized some artistic talent in me and inspired me to teach. I like helping children discover their potential that they may not know they had. I think that kids can make art at home, but coming to a class and learning a new technique can broaden a child's imagination which can help him or her to create future artworks in a new way."